Program Vision
Canada Topflight Academy will strive to be the premier basketball academy in the world. We will develop elite basketball student athletes while supporting and guiding them as they achieve their ultimate goals in basketball, academics and life.

Program Mission
Our mission is to help shape the next generation of leaders on and off the court and change the way our youth grow into adulthood. We will provide the support and tools to ensure our student athletes develop academically, emotionally and athletically. We have set the academic and athletic standards and expectations to match those of all post-secondary institutions so that the transition to the next level is seamless.

Canada Topflight Academy will create a “family” atmosphere that all of our stakeholders will be proud of. Our staff and students will represent the academy in a mature responsible manner, realizing the impact they will have and the role models they will become. Canada Topflight Academy staff and student athletes will be known locally and nationally for their dedication to being the best they can be on and off the court.

Our staff and student athletes will be work and play at an elite level. From the classroom to the weight room and on the court, the Canada Topflight Academy family will hold each other to the highest of standards. Canada Topflight Academy believes in a healthy balance of school, training, work, family and community.

Program Values 

                  Be Character People – Be Kind To One Another – Pay It Forward

                Appreciate And Respect The Game And Your Community

                “Get After It” Like No Other Program – No One Will Out Work CTA!

                Improve In All Areas Of Your Life On And Off The Court

                Be The Benchmark – Create ELITE Student Athletes

                Represent Yourself, Your Family, Canada Topflight Academy, Your School And The Ottawa Community In A  Professional   Manner At All Times